Blepharoplasty – Surgery of the Eyelids

We can perform surgery for "Upper eyelids," "Lower eyelids," and also bilateral Uppers and Lowers - that is: all four (Uppers and Lowers).

Repeat Surgery / Revisions / Touch-Ups

We not only provide top-notch service for first-time surgery patients, but also do an excellent job in corrective surgery for those patients who have had surgery done before but were not satisfied (sub-optimal results, unevenness, or certain undesirable features such as hollow sulcus).

We also will help those who had surgery while they were younger and now 15-30 years later will need "tune-ups" (more redundant skin and loosened muscles as we age).

VIP Program for Out-of-Town Patients

It is practical and possible for our "Very Important Patients" from out-of-town to come in for office consultation and discussion with Dr.Chen the day before and then to undergo surgery the next day. Our friendly staff can help give recommendations on reasonable hotel lodgings and logistics. The patient may have the option of traveling the next day after the procedure and then return on the seventh day for a repeat visit; or to stay in the Southern California area for a relaxing week until the one week exam. Some new patients may arrange to visit us during one of their work trip and then come back months later for the procedure during a one week vacation in the area.